Software services

Our company provides general software solutions tailored exactly to your requirements.

We have a pool of consultants working on in-house projects offshore who could prove to be a valuable resource to your company's needs.

Since the founders and managing directors come from an engineering background from India with experience in working on German and British projects, we understand different cultures and can provide the best technical and staffing solutions for your business needs.


Computer vision

Camera-based ADAS systems started as research projects some 15 years back and now since the camera hardware technology has improved and cost reduced , the camera is ruling the world. Cameras are everywhere be it Smart cities, Security systems, Automotive ADAS, Mobile cameras.​

Computer vision provides ways to extract valuable information from the images, with Image processing and Artificial intelligence.

Our consultants have worked on ADAS systems like Lane recognition, Pedestrian detection, and have built products with many Camera systems.

We are eager to provide our expertise to benefit your company and products.

Embedded consultancy

Embedded systems are very important building bricks of any system. And not many companies offer Embedded Solutions, our company , thanks to the experience we gained from Germany and United Kingdom from various projects , can offer best embedded solutions for your company.

We have experience in Aerospace , Automotive , Buildingautomation , Robotics and Broadcasting industry.

Our quality products stem from DO178B , ISO26262, MISRA standards.

Car Dashboard

PLM/ALM consultancy

Product lifecycle management is crucial for any product leave alone Embedded/IoT products, therefore it is important the companies have comprehensive tools to manage this from Concept to Product.

PTC provides a complete set of tools for manage this and we can provide consultancy services on Product Lifecycle Management PLM based on PTC products like Windchill PDM, PTC Creo, PTC Integrity / Windchill RV&S / MKS Integrity.

IoT consultancy

We have developed IoT products installed for many customers to the best standards. Tank leak detection system , Water tank monitoring system are some of the products our company developed with our specialists and installed for many customers.


Image by Kelly Sikkema

Project/Product mangement

Management is crucial for the successful delivery of quality and on-time projects or products. Our experience in Waterfall, Agile models of development helps us adapt to each individual project/product according to customer needs.​

We are a very dynamic and flexible company and adopt the latest methodologies instantly.

We believe that effective project planning and communication are important and embark on this from the early stages of the project to minimize risks.

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