Water Tank Level Detector

Smart Container – An IoT based solution for tracking any commodity usage and consumption. Developed with  STM8 Microcontroller , STM laser sensor to detect the level of commodity and Zigbee for short range wireless communication.
Raspberry Pi as gateway to connect to Azure IoT Hub backend


Air Quality Monitoring System

Air particle counter, smoke and CO detection. The GW is based on Raspberry Pi for both Smart Container and Air Quality Monitor. Using Zigbee wireless technology ,, STM8 Controller , Figaro Sensor for CO detection , Sharp Dust Counter for air particle and smoke detection

Tank Leak Detection System

Automated touch screen-based Tank Leak Detection system for petrol tank fuel level monitoring in dispenser station. Widely installed in petrol stations. Using C/C++ , Embedded Linux OS , QT for HMI and CORBA IPC communication